Pension Disbursement

NADRA e-Sahulat in collaboration with EOBI has launched Pension Disbursement Project for all the pensioners enrolled with EOBI. Pension shall be disbursed to EOBI pensioners holding the chip-based Smart National Identity Card (SNIC) of NADRA at e-Sahulat points spread nationwide. “It is the first time in Pakistan that EOBI pensioners will receive pension through SNIC with live biometric verification being performed at NADRA e-Sahulat franchisees across Pakistan, enabling record of proof-of-life of pensioners NADRA has successfully disbursed the EOBI pension disbursement to thousands of beneficiary with online biometric matching to avoid the duplication of payment and more importantly with proof of life.

Zakat Disbursement

NADRA e-Sahulat started Guzara Allowance project (e-Zakat Disbursement) by 11th June 2013, with collaboration of Zakat and Usher department, Sindh. After clearance of 81 thousand applicants (beneficiaries) from NADRA database, NADRA e-Sahulat successfully completed biometric enrollment of 75,000 beneficiaries.

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