About e-Sahulat

NADRA e-Sahulat is a social arm of NADRA to develop and market its services and products for the benefit of citizens of Pakistan.
Keeping afloat with new and upcoming trends worldwide; NADRA launched its e-commerce platform – NADRA e-Sahulat in 2008. NADRA e-Sahulat is pioneer in field of bill payment with the uniquely featured machines that accept cash. The concept of machine was later changed to e-Sahulat web based application to reach remote areas. The e-Sahulat network now has more than 12,000 active franchises. e-Sahulat is maintaining 23% of the Utility Bill market share and is the largest single Billing aggregator in the country.
e-Sahulat remained the platform of choice for the federal and provincial governments for biometric verification based disbursement of Government to People (G2P) payments like Zakat and Pension Disbursements. Recently NADRA e-Sahulat signed a Super Agency Agreement with HBL and Jazzcash for provision of domestic remittance services on NADRA e-Sahulat network. With this Super-Agency agreements NADRA e-Sahulat can now serve in the Domestic Remittance market to assist and server SBP Financial Inclusion drive. e-Sahulat products and services include:

  • Utility Bill Payment Collection (All Utility Companies)
  • Domestic Remittance (Jazzcash & HBL Express)
  • Zakat and Pension Disbursement
  • Micro Finance Loan Instalment Collection
  • Student Fee Collection (Virtual University of Pakistan)
  • Donation Collection
  • Pak-ID CNIC Fee Collection
  • Mobile Airtime
  • e-PINs of All Telcos
  • Citizen CNIC Verification Service
  • Billing and e-PIN Switch Aggregator (For Banks, Telcos and Branchless Banking Clients)

Our Products & Services