NADRA has its sight set on a pivotal role to make significant contribution to the National cause of Social Inclusion and Good Governance. Our focus is to empower the citizens of Pakistan. The design of products, services and platforms are based upon themes that keep the citizen’s interest as a strategic imperative, that we call “Financial Inclusion”. In quest for Good Governance, our efforts have made possible the synergies between the public services with the Financial Industry, Telecommunication Industry, SME’s and Government.


e-Sahulat has not only kept evolving and updating its services and process with changing trends of the market, but also becoming the force for breeding change and developing new markets. We at e-Sahulat is focusing on translating business objectives through engaging and on-boarding organizations for e-Services collection and disbursement. Services and Products are grouped into Collection, Disbursement and Domestic Remittance.

Our Products & Services