NADRA e-Sahulat & 1Link Partnership

NIMS Certificate at e-Sahulat

کروناویکسینیشن سرٹیفکیٹ گھر بیٹھےآن لائن حاصل کریں، نادرا نےکیاتمام شہریوں کےلئےکام آسان۔ نادرادفاتر پر رش سےبچیں اورسرٹیفکیٹ اب ای-سہولت مراکز سے بھی حاصل کرسکتے ہیں۔ وڈیوکے ذریعے مکمل رہنمائی حاصل کریں فوری سرٹیفکیٹ حاصل کرنےکےلئےویب سائٹ پر جائیں:

Naya Pakistan Housing Program

NPHP is a project of Pakistan government to provide 5 million houses to the homeless people. NADRA e-Sahulat has launched a registration process for Naya Pakistan Housing Program across the country. For registration visit your nearest e-Sahulat franchise to pay and register.
Seeing the interest of people in the registration process, NADRA had extended the date till December 15, 2019.

ETD Islamabad, Biometric vehicle verification

Biometric verification system for the registration and transfer of the vehicle is now operational at all the Nadra e-Sahulat Centres. Now the owner of the vehicle can get verification receipt from any Nadra e-Sahulat Centre and produce it at the ETO for registration and transfer of the vehicle. ETO will then verify the receipt with the transaction ID immediately after which the vehicle will be transferred.
The system will eliminate the culture of selling or using vehicles on open letter.

MOU Signed with Waseela Bank

e-Sahulat has signed the MOU with Waseela Bank (Mobicash). Saleem Rafik, DG Operations NTL and Ghazanfar Azzam, CEO – Waseela Bank signed the MOU on behalf of NADRA and Waseela Bank respectively. Both expressed great potential in the partnership and also talked about other ventures that could be undertaken together by leveraging their platforms in the future. Saleem Rafik stated that NADRA e-Sahulat franchise model was the first platform to offer electronic payment of utility bills in Pakistan. He further explained, “NADRA e-Sahulat believes in collaborations and Jazzcash is a strategic partner for providing digital services in Pakistan.

e-Sahulat Signed MoU with Virtual University

e-Sahulat NADRA has signed a agreement with Virtual University of Pakistan to facilitates its students to deposit their fees/dues at NADRA e-Sahulat outlets. Now student can visit any nearest e-Sahulat outlet anywhere in Pakistan along with the issued fee challan to deposit dues. This service will facilitate VU students with extended network of 12,000 e-Sahulat outlets across Pakistan with the available service of full day, even after banking hours.

ITCN Asia 2015

NADRA e-Sahulat participation in ITCN Asia 2015 in perspective of eServices provider.

Domestic Remmittance

NADRA e-Sahulat has integrated Jazzcash and HBL branchless banking service and offers money transfer facility on its network. Domestic remittance has unique features on NADRA e-Sahulat i.e. CNIC of sender and receiver is verified on each DR transaction. Also money sent from Jazzcash or HBL Express can be received at e-Sahulat outlet and vice versa. The product suite includes Domestic Remittance backed by Mobile Wallets, Microfinance Loan Repayments, G2P Payments and International Remittances in the future. e-Sahulat hosts a nationwide presence with 12,000 plus touch points serving the underprivileged stratum of the economy.

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